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To sign up as a volunteer, please read the following privacy policy and then follow the instructions below it

How we use your personal information

As you are an existing or prospective volunteer with WHC, we collect your personal data to manage your volunteering. For example, we use age and gender information to plan balanced teams where possible. We use references to ensure we recruit volunteers who are suited to the task. WHC has a legitimate interest in collecting this data, as volunteers are essential to most of WHC's services and fundraising events.

We will email or write to you in connection with volunteering in general. Beyond that, Wycombe Homeless Connection would like to contact you from time to time with charity news and information about other opportunities to help WHC, including for example by supporting events, publicising needs or supporting WHC financially. We will seek your consent to do that by email.

If you enter no email address on this site we may contact you by letter.

If you enter a "place of worship" below, you are giving consent for us to use this information to assess and strengthen the charity's relationship with local places of worship that provide volunteers.

WHC may process your data or send out emails using a company which is located in another country but which offers safeguards as required by UK law. WHC will not share your details with any other organisation unless legally obliged to do so.

How long we will keep your information

If you are accepted to volunteer with WHC, then after a period of inactivity (typically two years) we will remove your details from WHC's database of active or recent volunteers. Unless withdrawn, any consent you give will remain valid until that point. If your application to volunteer does not proceed (for example if your referees do not respond), we will promptly remove your details from WHC’s database of active or recent volunteers.

Your rights

You may contact WHC at privacy@wyhoc.org.uk or on 01494 447699 or at 8 Castle St, High Wycombe HP13 6RF to request to access your data, or to have it corrected; or to withdraw your consent for those items where your consent was required. You may restrict our use of your data in some circumstances. You may also have your data erased or object to our use of your data under our legitimate interest, but in these circumstances you will no longer be able to volunteer. You may update your information, and in particular remove your own "place of worship" data within your online volunteer record, or contact WHC to have that done for you.

To complain about our handling of your data, contact the Information Commissioner's Office (0303 123 1113 casework@ico.org.uk)

We may amend this privacy policy from time to time. The latest version will be visible here.

Note: We collect information on referees to help us process your application. Details of our privacy policy for referee information are here: Privacy Notice for referees

Privacy Notice PN6.1

Criminal Record Declarations

WHC is committed to the fair treatment of its volunteers. Along with taking up references, we do require that all potential volunteers complete a Criminal Record Declaration Form. Having a criminal record will not, in itself, debar a person from being appointed to a role; all cases will be examined on an individual basis. The form will be emailed to you once we have started to process your references. Details of our relevant privacy policy are here: Privacy Notice for volunteers completing a Criminal Record Declaration Form


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If you would like to become a Volunteer, read this...

We run various sessions all year-round as well as a night shelter during January to March. If you would like to volunteer, we are always grateful for offers of help.

Please look at our website for our current volunteer opportunities.

We mainly need volunteers for helping as a host or cook at our night shelter sessions. They run during January to March in three shifts: evening (6-10pm), night (9:45pm-7am) and morning (6:45-9:00am).

We also have volunteer opportunities at our Support Centre that provides advice and support sessions all year on Monday to Friday mornings (9:45am-1pm)

During April to December, we also run Plug-in at the Hub on Monday and Thursday evenings (6:00-8:45pm) which provides a chance for our guests to shower, wash clothes and have a light snack.

Finally we have opportunities for helping with publicity, fundraising, marketing and administration.

The venues that WHC uses have different levels of accessibility, and our volunteer roles require different levels of capacity. To discuss whether any volunteer roles may be possible, please contact volunteer.enquiries@wyhoc.org.uk

If you want to help, you can fill out a form online to register your interest. It takes about five minutes to fill the form in. Before filling in this form, please have the following details to hand

Please also think about:

Finally and importantly:

To be considered for a shift, you need to indicate three things: 1. the role(s) you would like to play, 2. the shifts you are able to offer and 3. how often you want to volunteer (do this carefully - don't over-commit). If any of these is missing, you won't be called on. If volunteering for the shelter, do consider offering an occasional night shift.

If you are ready to volunteer, please fill in a form by clicking below.

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